What if you could reuse packaging again and again?

Meet REPETEBOX, reusable packaging for e-commerce.

Reuse it for your product as many as a hundred times.

What is it all about?

Why RepeteBox

Designed for up to 100 use cycles

RepeteBox is made from a vinyl banner material which makes it extremely durable. You can reuse it for up to a hundred times.


No more waste

Are you worried about how much waste your online store produces? With RepeteBox you can change that right now. No more disposable packaging. 


Tailored to suit your needs

We are trying to get rid of any bugs RepeteBox might have at the moment. Feel free to send us feedback, this way we can make RepeteBox perfect for your business needs.

Improving your customer experience

Who wouldn’t like shopping at an online store that cares about sustainability and the environment. Your customers will appreciate this.


Our partners

Have a look at the story of a partnership between the largest Czech online store and a small eco-friendly startup company.

Multiple ways you can make use of the RepeteBox

Internal relay point

Your online store ships products from your warehouse to the pickup point and back.

RepeteBox replaces disposable packaging. You simply use your RepeteBox to deliver your product to the pickup point where the customer unpacks it.

You have your own courier that delivers the products to the customers in the RepeteBox.

The customer unpacks the RepeteBox on the spot, so the courier can bring the RepeteBox back to you.


Your online store sends and receives parcels (for example an online rental service). You can use the RepeteBox to send your product to the customer, and the customer uses the same RepeteBox to send the product back to you.


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